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jeff_jensen's Journal

Jeff/Jensen Fanworks
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RPS fanworks relating to the pairing Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles
This community is for fanworks related to the RPS pairing of Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles.

1. We accept fiction, mixes and artwork (inc icons).

2. Your work must feature Jeff/Jensen as the main (or ultimate) pairing. Other pairings may be included so long as Jeff/Jensen is the eventual main pairing. Threesomes and moresomes are fine so long as both Jeff and Jensen are in there.

3. Please do not link to friends-locked posts.

4. When you are posting fic, please use the convention Fic: [Title] [pairing, if other than just Jeff/Jensen] [rating] in the title bar, and use the following header information at the start of the post:

Word Count:

6. Recs are allowed. Please use the convention Rec: [Title] [pairing] [rating] in the title bar, and add Author: to the header information.

7. Reposts of older works previously posted in your own journals or other communities are welcomed!

8. Any fic longer than 100 words must be placed behind a cut.

9. All images larger than 400x300px must be under a cut. Images containing NSFW content must be behind a cut, and clearly marked NSFW in the header. WS thumbnail-sized teasers or up to three icons can be outside the cut.

10. If you want to post anything which does not fit into the above categories, adverts for relevant comms etc, PM the mod first please.

11. Requests for author/artist, genre, or pairing tags can be made by PMing the mod. (I've automatically added them for new members who I know produce Jeff/Jensen fanworks, but I may accidentally miss someone - no slight intended!)