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Fic: Caught in All Your Strings
Jensen 2
whiskygalore wrote in jeff_jensen
Title: Caught in All Your Strings
Author: whiskygalore
Fandoms: Supernatural RPF
Pairings: Jeff/Jensen
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jeff Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortese
Rating: NC:17
Wordcount: 9,100 words
Disclaimer: The guys don't belong to me (unfortunately) and I own nothing but my dirty imagination.
Warnings: Protective Jeff, bottom Jensen, protective Jared, jealous Jeff.
Summary: Jensen and Jeff move in together and throw a party - or - Jensen worries, Jeff wants to kill people, Jared is a great best friend despite his gummy-bear addiction, Gen is a sweetheart and Steve is the voice of reason.

A/N: A time-stamp to an embarrassingly (in more ways than one) old fic - No Strings Attached - but I do love these boys, and had a recent request for more. So as requested, former sugar baby Jensen moving in with Jeff, and a small dose of jealous Jeff.


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