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RΩAR, JDM/JA, AU, NC-17 [ ROAR ] Chapter 1
Zombie face
meus_venator wrote in jeff_jensen

Title: RΩAR
Author name: meus_venator
Beta/Editor: fufaraw
Fandom: RPS, AU
Genre: zombie!fic
Pairings: Jensen/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7500 words
Warnings: AU, Non-Con, rape, violence, zombies.

Summary: After the zombie apocalypse Zombie Tactical Marine, Jensen wakes up in the wreckage of a downed plane with only a scattered memory of how they crashed. He's in the middle of the Red Zone and a herd of zombies are after him. JDM saves him and offers protection, but requires something in return.

: : :

Jensen staggered up out of his seat, his head was ringing like a sonofabitch, everything was a blur, his whole world listing at some random angle. He automatically reached up to touch his throbbing forehead and his fingers came away wet. What the hell?


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