Fic: Caught in All Your Strings
Jensen 2
Title: Caught in All Your Strings
Author: whiskygalore
Fandoms: Supernatural RPF
Pairings: Jeff/Jensen
Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jeff Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Cortese
Rating: NC:17
Wordcount: 9,100 words
Disclaimer: The guys don't belong to me (unfortunately) and I own nothing but my dirty imagination.
Warnings: Protective Jeff, bottom Jensen, protective Jared, jealous Jeff.
Summary: Jensen and Jeff move in together and throw a party - or - Jensen worries, Jeff wants to kill people, Jared is a great best friend despite his gummy-bear addiction, Gen is a sweetheart and Steve is the voice of reason.

A/N: A time-stamp to an embarrassingly (in more ways than one) old fic - No Strings Attached - but I do love these boys, and had a recent request for more. So as requested, former sugar baby Jensen moving in with Jeff, and a small dose of jealous Jeff.

Fic: Catch Me When I Fall
Fic Title: Catch Me When I Fall
Fandom/Genre: Spn RPF
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC:17
Wordcount: 4,800 words
Warnings: D's, spanking, hurt/comfort.
Disclaimer: This isn't real and I own nothing - unfortunately!
Summary: All Jensen wants is to forget about his bad day, his bad week....his bad month. But first he has to show Jeff how sorry he is for letting him down again.

Notes: Written for this great prompt at spn_masquerade.

Shmoop and angst this way (AO3)

It's a Start
Title: It’s a Start
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Words: 5,700

Summary: Jeff is just looking for a one night stand. Instead, he finds Jensen.
Warnings/Kinks: age-difference
Disclaimer: Not real, people
Notes: Written for beelikej, who bought me for the fandomaid fundraiser for Nepal and wanted a prequel for our 2014 spn_reversebang collaboration Hungry. This is the beginning of Jeff’s and Jensen’s relationship, so no prior knowledge required. You can read the rbb story here and here you’ll find the awesome art beelikej made for it, including, but not limited to papercut porn (really, I wrote this so I had a good reason to rec her ingenious paper cuttings).

Author: alycat
Pairing & rating: Jensen/JDM - PG-13.
Wordcount: ~1300
Summary: When Jeff first met Jensen, it wasn't love at first sight. Love came later, and this is a few moments that took them there.

Notes: Written as a gift to beelikej for spnspringfling. Thank you keep_waking_up for the beta work.

Fic: Sugar (G)
It's not too late for Christmasy fluff, right?

Title: Sugar
Rating: G
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Word Count: 3200
Warnings: none
Summary: Jensen is a shy student abroad in search of coffee. Jeff is a baker. They meet in a snowy place in the Alps because of reasons.

Fic - Unbirthday (J3, NC-17)
a- Dean looking down
Title - UnBirthday
Author - alexisjane
Pairing - Jared/Jensen/Jeff
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer - These are my words. Characters that bear the names of actors in this story have no relation to the real life people of the same name. They simply have the misfortune to be cast in my sordid little tale. No profit is made from this.
Word count - 1318
Warnings - Straight up PWP. Threesome (potential polyamorous relationship), bottom!Jensenexplicit warningsCollapse )

Summary - It's Jensen's UnBirthday and he knows what he wants. Jared and Jeff don't exactly hate the idea either.

Here at my journal

RΩAR, JDM/JA, AU, NC-17 [ ROAR ] Chapter 1
Zombie face

Title: RΩAR
Author name: meus_venator
Beta/Editor: fufaraw
Fandom: RPS, AU
Genre: zombie!fic
Pairings: Jensen/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7500 words
Warnings: AU, Non-Con, rape, violence, zombies.

Summary: After the zombie apocalypse Zombie Tactical Marine, Jensen wakes up in the wreckage of a downed plane with only a scattered memory of how they crashed. He's in the middle of the Red Zone and a herd of zombies are after him. JDM saves him and offers protection, but requires something in return.

: : :

Jensen staggered up out of his seat, his head was ringing like a sonofabitch, everything was a blur, his whole world listing at some random angle. He automatically reached up to touch his throbbing forehead and his fingers came away wet. What the hell?

Across the Line
Title: Across The Line
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Words: 7,200

Summary: Jensen put himself through college as a phonesex operator. It didn’t really do much for him, except for his Friday night regular JD. When Jensen takes a new, more respectable job after he graduates, he comes face to face with the man whose voice he only ever heard before.
Warnings/Kinks: phonesex, voice kink, dirty talk
Disclaimer: These wonderful men only belong to themselves I just play with their images for our amusement
Notes: Written for this prompt on spn_masquerade’s inaugural round. I expanded it a bit, and the wonderful linvro21 and fiercelynormal were kind enough to help me clean up the mess I made the first time around and beta the new additions.

Here be the porn

Fic: June, R
Title: June
Rating: R
Pairing: Jeff/Jensen
Word Count: 1600
Warnings: -
Summary: A snapshot of fluffy, domestic kink. (d/s, bondage, painplay, all consensual)

It's Always the Quiet Ones [NC17] Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Idris Elba
Sexy Beast Jared
Title: It's Always the Quiet Ones
Author: reggie11
Pairing/Characters: Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Idris Elba, (with a brief non-porn related cameo of Jared Padalecki)
Rating: NC17
WC: Approx 6200
Disclaimer: This has no relation to real life. The actors belong to themselves and I'm just casting them in roles. No offence intended, no profit made.
Summary: Jensen can't believe his luck. He's been selected to be part of a photo shoot for the world famous art photographer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who he's been a fan of for a few years. He, along with another guy, Idris, are being photographed for Morgan's upcoming exhibition. Jensen's career so far has been magazine and billboard ads, so he is thrilled to be part of something more artistic. The shoot is going off without a hitch and he knows the shots will be striking, he's also pretty sure that he's not imagining the way Idris is flirting, or the way Jeff is eyeing him hungrily.
This one shot is a birthday gift for the lovely meus_venator who has been an incredibly supportive friend.

Here there be porn.


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